Monday, May 6, 2013

St George 70.3

WOW!! What a race!! I could not believe how perfect the weather was! I've done St George 140.6 the last 3 years and  oh my gosh...the weather was never right. First year..Hypothermia from freezing water. Second year: too hot! Crazy heat exhaustion. Third year: WIND! Like MAD wind!! Titans were released in Sand Hollow reservoir to swallow all the poor athletes. So this year had NO choice but to treat us well, right?
 Pre-race snack :)

Evey one knows swimming is NOT my strong point.. but I really thought I could get around 35 minutes on the swim. Well, One week before I took a spill on my bike which caused "reach" issues. My shoulder was screaming the whole time.  So the swim wasn't great but oh well.

My bike, Oh my NEW beautiful bike, Rockit was GREAT!!  I felt like my Nutrition was right on. As hard as it was, I followed my coaches (James Lawrence) instructions to hold back on the bike so I could KILL the run. Oh man, its hard to hold back!! I was chatting with everyone who passed or I passed. I think I drive other athletes crazy with my chattiness.. :) My bike ended up being 2:50 . Perfect! Just what James had told me to do !!

YES!!! Time to RUN!!! St George run course is one hilly playground! WOW!! Mattie was out cheering me on in several different areas of the run course. I always looked forward to seeing him and ran just a little faster. He was so great and supportive ALL DAY!! The goal was to keep my miles sub 7 on that beast. Well, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Finished at 1:31! Love it when my nutrition is on!! My hip was buggin a bit from my crash the week before but still got my goal. I ended up having the fastest amateur run split for women. I was SHOCKED!!

My total time was 5:09. Unfortunately not quite fast enough to go to Worlds. Had I been in any other age group I my time would have gotten me there. Bummer!! But all in all .. I was very happy with my race!

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